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Many people are interested in exploring their Jewish roots or in learning more about Judaism. Everyone is always welcome at Har Shalom’s classes and holidays observances and celebrations, including Shabbat Torah Study and services, as a way of increasing familiarity and knowledge of Jewish life and customs. The Rabbi would also be happy to meet with you, to discuss your journey, and to recommend books about Jewish history, custom, and beliefs.

Many adults become interested in formally joining the Jewish people through the conversion process. Conversion to Judaism is an intensive process that involves several steps.

At the core is a year-long course on Judaism, its basic practices and beliefs, called Pathways to Judaism. This course is offered by the Rabbi once each year, from October/November to May, and meets weekly throughout that time. One can also take the course in Denver sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Rabbis and Cantors association. This option requires sponsorship by the Rabbi.

Throughout the year, students must also participate in Jewish holiday observances and celebrations, including creating a Shabbat observance for you or your family, and incorporating Jewish practices into your daily life. The Rabbi will guide you through these steps.

Finally, students must be psychologically and emotionally ready to join the Jewish people. Often conversion is complicated by family dynamics, and at times it can be hard to leave behind the religious traditions and beliefs of other faiths. Once again, the Rabbi will serve as your guide.

When both student and Rabbi feel that the student is ready, the candidate will meet with a panel of Rabbis, known as a Beit Din, to attest to one’s knowledge and readiness to become a Jew. Both men and women will then immerse in the traditional Mikveh (a special body of water).

Adopted infants can join the Jewish people by both ritual immersion and circumcision. Older children can also join the Jewish people through ritual immersion when they are able to understand the process. Please consult the Rabbi to discuss the conversion process for infants and children.

For more information on conversion, please contact the Rabbi at

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