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Holding an Event at Har Shalom

Members of Har Shalom are encouraged to use our community spaces for activities and gatherings. Please follow these instructions to help your event run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Verify the date and time is available by checking Har Shalom's website calendar.
  2. Fill out the appropriate form

After the event has been added to the calendar, you'll receive an email confirmation. If you have any questions, please contact

Event Considerations

  • RSVPs and Headcounts. If you need to know who is attending and/or have headcount to purchase supplies ahead of time, request registration when filling out the event form.
  • Expenses. Use of tablecloths, kitchen supplies, and setup costs are free for events for Har Shalom members. Non-member focused events will be charged $100 fee to use Har Shalom resources.
  • Zoom vs in-person vs hybrid. Frequently guests request remote access for evening events. You must schedule a time to be trained how to use Har Shalom's sound system in order to accommodate Zoom or hybrid activities.
  • Childcare. The cost for childcare runs $15 – 20 per hour and finding babysitters is the responsibility of the event planner.
  • Security. Security is up to the event planner in most situations. Small groups of adults (~<25 people) may choose to forgo security. Large events on Jewish holidays or Shabbat must have security present. The cost of security is $35/hour with a four hour minimum. Non-member focused events will be asked to contribute to security costs.
  • Promoting your event. No one knows your event better than you! When filling out the event form, please be prepared to write-up a blurb for Happenings. 

RSVP will not be opened until registration and expense information has been provided unless there is no charge or expense for the event.

Facilities Setup and Cleanup

Staff is happy to assist setting up for your event. However, many back-to-back activities require additional support and cleanings. Cleaning the kitchen and sanctuary after any event is the responsibility of the event holder unless otherwise agreed upon. In all cases, the kitchen should be cleaned and dishwasher started prior to leaving Har Shalom.  Facilities Cleanup Guide

Food Policy Reminder

The Har Shalom campus is dairy/parve(neutral) and pescatarian/vegetarian. All food prepared, served, eaten or stored anywhere on campus may only be dairy/parve which includes kosher fish products. Cheese with rennet is allowed. All events held at Har Shalom should adhere to this policy.

We encourage labeling all ingredients for dished brought to Har Shalom potlucks - these labels can include dairy-free, vegan, rennet-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.

Har Shalom sponsored off-campus events:

  • Catered events – Food is to be dairy/parve or meat/parve with a vegetarian option. If meat is served, dairy items will be separated from the meat items and labeled as "dairy." We will not serve any treif (seafood or pork).
  • Non-catered events in public space (parks, etc) including potlucks (e.g. tashlich), where food is shared, will adhere to Har Shalom campus policy.
  • Events in private homes – Host is encouraged to communicate their personal food policy to their guests. They are not required to adhere to the Har Shalom food policy.
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